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As a long time graphic designer and illustrator, I hired a professional in 2000 to put my website together. Even though I didn't know how to make changes, I loved the ability to show my work in this way. The days with huge portfolios and tromping through slushy parking lots are gone. However, I still had to make changes and update my site.

  This prompted me to go back to school and learn a little about this wonderful new medium. Now I can help you too. If you would like me to do your website, this is how it would work.

Here are a few samples:
  My second site My website has had many faces. I had a web site for ten years without knowing how to work it. Now, thought it was a bear to learn, I can't seem to get enough of it.  
  GardenStudio Photography Garden Studio Photography—A Photo Studio Gallery. We no longer offer photography but we can turn your photographs of your pet into ART!  


Klancher and Son—This was an enjoyable project where I collaborated with the stakeholders' wife who took most of the photos. She really did a nice job on her end and we formed a mutual respect for each other.

"Klancher and Son Landscaping, LLC and Ron, Dianne, and Paul highly recommend Lynette Yencho and Garden Studio to construct your wed page.

She is an extremely talented illustrator, as well as a graphic designer and really worked hard to create a product that we all are so proud of.

Lynette was willing to go the extra mile for our company.  She included us in every step of the process and finished in a timely manner.

It was refreshing working with someone who cared and was so passionate about her work.  She continues to monitor our web page and makes changes as we grow as a company.

We are so happy with her work and her willingness to work within our budget and are proud to call Lynette our friend as well.

Please feel free to contact us.

Ron, Dianne and Paul Klancher
Klancher & Son Landscaping,LLC "



This is perhaps the biggest website I have created and perhaps the most fun. Hannah is a hands on sort of client and I much enjoyed our collaboration.

Lynette had great patience with me in working through ideas, concepts and prototypes. She was objective in receiving feedback so the creativity could continue to unfold. Appreciated her personal touch through a difficult start up.



R-HomeRemodeling—The first site I created here was first developed in Flash. Now it is toned down to meet the needs of the stakeholder, RHome Remodeling.  

Owatonna Resoraant

Owatonna Restaurant—A local restaurant where the owner recently moved and is looking to open in the Twin Cities. I am keeping the site up for when they do. The food was wonderful and they are missed.  


Katerina Pinosova—I specialize in Artist's sites. Being that I am one, I think I understand how to mark the important pieces and edit the others. My husband Michael is also the perfect partner for digitizing artwork in it's best. This is one of my first sites. Katerina has since moved on to a new format but has allowed me to show her old site home page for portfolio purposes.  
  Cabollies Navigation buttons example  
  Pizza A restaurant site to be up soon  

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