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  Much of this work has all ready been published or is the property of another. My hopes are that you will see something similar to what you need, and that will be a good point to start. Or, of course, just enjoy yourself.  


Looking for: Murals | Fantasy | Sculpture




Graphics has played a major part of my career and I take it as seriously as any other part of my work. Early on, I had a chance to work at a major Minneapolis newspaper with designers who showed me much more than choosing fonts and white space. The difference was so clear and the impression was profound.



Eventually I was able to see how good graphics can enhance or destroy an illustration and ultimately effect a viewer's experience. In a world where I used to have to cover every corner of the page, I started to pay more attention to "the area that is not".



Good graphics can be a determining factor if a product sells. If a shopper looks at a product and has no information about it, he/she will often come to an arbitrary choice. A beautiful design is always going to win. Often the best designs come from two or three minds working together in harmony, and beautiful is not always obvious, but just feels good.



Of course, as many artists, I resisted computer graphics in the beginning. But now working with computers for 10 years, I will not go back. To brush up on my graphics background and learn web fundamentals, I returned to school and in 2009 received a certificate in Web Design.


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