Page Four. I am on the last stretch and feeling a bit weary. July will come soon enough and then I will miss all this.
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April 15,2016

A lot has happened, nothing has happened. The story goes that there was no more funding for the mural but it was proposed that I should finish it anyway. It's all and well, but I grow to envy those who get paid for what they do. I opted to go back to work on more lucrative endeavors the last five years so there was no progress on this. There have been some good changes in my financial world so I am buying myself a little time to finish this mural. My goal, done by July. If you would like to donate to this cause, I have set up a project at Hatchfund.

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So there are five panels complete for the wall and they are on exhibit at the Healing Arts Show at Owatonna Hospital. The opening was good and I got to meet the other artists at the show.

It is interesting what can happen in five years (when I last worked on this mural). I found myself needing more whimsy and less representational. A lot of the under painting is all ready there but that didn't stop me from really getting go with the colors and strokes! If this is getting old, I am liking it! You can see the mural so far here

west end

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You can see the mural so far here
KSMQ did a very nice story on their show Off 90. It's more about me, but there is some info about the mural

So getting back into it is fairly intimidating. The panels look so small when installed but here in my little 10'x15' painting studio, they seem huge! But once I get started, I am much happier.


Those are just the ones in the hallway, I have more in the studio. I have just roughed out the globe that was requested by a donor who is also a geography teacher. Thank you!. I thought it would be nice to have next to the Egyptian column, even though I intend to show the west with the Americas.


I am keeping it close by the panel it connects to (behind). They will need to have the images flow from one to the next and treating them as one is the best way to do it.

Here is the connecting panel:

empty wall



There is a self portrait on the ceiling. It is not finished. I was trying to use it as a metaphor saying "I'm not done yet". And that is actually true. There are ten more panels to do for the walls and they have been sitting around my house waiting for some funding or time to do it. So, I get a request from the Artistic director. He says, "perhaps on the wall you can do yourself again, nicer?". I hadn't planned but then of course, there was another one to request the same, my mother. So, I am painting myself again, five years older. At my age, every year counts so I will be 63 in this image. They want a "nicer" image of me. There is the challenge.

This should be easy enough, but I have seen the Alice Neel show and my painting has not been the same since. I found her honesty to be disarming and realized that if I was going to be any kind of fantasy painter at all, I would have to start looking at things as they are. So I am painting myself as a crusty old lady that I am.

Lynette and the dragon

I was going to paint myself as a wood nymph on one of the other panels but there was room next to the Chinese dragon and it felt good.

May 11, 2016

I have been straddling the mural and the promotion of it lately. It all works quite well to work on the mural until I am physically tired and then on computer stuff (promotion). My neighbor came over to discuss helping me with house cleaning and she brought over some of her "Good Ass Beer" while we discuss what needs to be done.

Good Ass Beer

I would have her do my marketing but I don't think I have the budget!

So today I have blocked out some color for the side panels. This is the panel that will have some promotion. The first person to donate $1000 will have a say in what goes on her book cover plus perks for $500 donation

Butterflys aroung reader

More color block out:

Faerie house

Dragon and me

May 23,2016

So the first person to donate $1000 has come to be. The particulars are to come. Don’t let that stop you if you want to donate $1000, and I am still working on the mural, I can put something up there you would want...somewhere.

Meanwhile, I am blocking in more color and it always looks terrible at this stage. All these colors are an attempt to match up with the ceiling. It is not going to always work I know. We will simply do what we can. Then, I am a firm believer in yin and yang, dark and light, good and evil. You must have a counterpoint in order to define a point or in this case, a counter color to define a color.

This is loosely how two will match up:

two panels

This is more of what I am talking about with color base:

Faerie house in color block

And here is the butterfly girl with book:

buterfly girl

And a close up of the Dragon pillar and me. Yea,I had my hat on but stream of consciousness made my hand do different. I just paint and the brushes will think. I end up with the branches coming out of my head, and a bird's nest in my hair. Not so far from reality. Like those glasses? I got them

Dragon with self

June 6, Bitter Sweet— Though I went to school on and off, struggled with learning a lot that I know, you will never hear me say I am self-taught. There are so many people in my life who just GAVE me tips, information, how-tos, not to mention the actual teachers I have had in the past. I owe much to them. I was working on invitations and thought to look for my teachers of the past. I want to invite them to the unveil. One I have not talked to for a few years, I had to Google her and found her obituary. Katannah Day taught me graphic design with computers. My heart sank. She taught me a lot of things apart from mere computer work. She was kind and reminded me to check myself even though I regard myself as her same. I will not forget her and I miss her. She loved animals and was an active spirit in their interest. My self portrait is now a tribute to her. The two little chickadees in my hair are hopefully warm and safe. I am much of what you made me Katannah. Love you.

June 15. Portraits can take on many appearances and looks before you come th the look you want. This one was interesting. It is totally unintended, even trying to get rid of the purse of the lips. Think I am still thinking of Katannah. self in doubt


June 20. I cannot believe it is all ready the end of June. I am coming upon the last touch ups of the three south panels and it also seems to be an eternity at the same time.dress

I want to share with you a little bliss. This is my favorite dress that has been with me my entire project. I put it on and fix myself a bowl of rice and mango with nuts for breakfast.

What I see first thing when I enter my studio. With a cup of coffee, the birds are singing, sun is coming up, I turn on some music. I wish this feeling for everyone!morning shot

Yesterday I left the paintings in a blanket of fatigue hoping they would finish themselves overnight. Hmmm. In some ways,I think they did. This one only needs to be checked for edges and make sure it continues on to the next panel.

morning view

Not so here. But we are getting somewhere I think. Wow, what a mess. I had better get started before it gets too hot!

two on wall

June 20. It is mornings like these that I think of my patrons and how grateful I am to be alive! I thank you so much for the support I have received in the past! I have now made my minimum goal! Also, the posters just came out. I kick myself for forgetting to put the OACARTS. ORG address up but we don't have anything there anyway...yet. Soon, these freebies can be acquired at the Owatonna Library(ask at the desk), Owatonna Arts Center (ask in the office)and of course me.

Have fun!

Black and white poster

June 29, 2016. A marker day.

Today I have finished the three south panels and they are in the photo studio and waiting for photo shoot. I have put a matte finish on them for Michael to take pictures and after that I will put a gloss layer on. They, they should be ready for the Center. We a having a few problems with the back hanging devices and some of the panels are a little warped so I want to deliver them as soon as I can so they have a lot of time to make the changes and get them up there. I don't want to say it cause then it is more likely to happen, but I might have to go up there with paint and fix spots that were scratched or bumped in the process. We will roll with the punches.

south wall

Bye-bye panels. They fill up my little painting studio but once I get them down to the photo studio, they will look like little jewel paintings.

July 26, 2016

It's my birthday and the assembly day of the mural project. I am loving my life and the people in it!

Today, I took the last two panels to the Arts Center and they are commencing to put it all up the next few days. They will be open to view on Sunday, July 31, at 3 pm. Cookies and punch will be served and there is also a show opening for Joyce Francis from 1-5 so you will have a two for one. I have seen her show and like it very much. It is a must see!

So, back to panels. Here, Dennis McDouough and Silvan Durben are putting them up.

Dennis and Silvan

I tried, but this is the only view I am going to get from Dennis.

We got some wild wings and gelato for lunch and these two were our entertainment, Silvan and Otilia. They should put together an act and travel.

Silvan and Otilia

I am not going to show the last two panels until after the 31st. There are a few suprises in it . See you Sunday!

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